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About Net4 Connect

Net4 operates in smart glasses, augmented reality (AR), 5G (public & private), artificial intelligence, machine learning & the Internet of things sectors.
The Net4 team boasts a wealth of expertise in the telecom and tech sectors, with a history of association with giants like IBM, Vodafone, Three, and Ericsson. Our leadership has a proven track record of pioneering and introducing innovative services to the market. We're adept at navigating the challenges of emerging technologies and ensuring the successful deployment of their full potential.
We have strong knowledge of technology & development as well as sales, channel management and distribution. All of this places us in a unique position and allows us to draw on our understanding of how to deliver real projects to real customers based on previous experience.
alex taylor and dave locke
Vuzix Smart Glasses
alex taylor & jim newell

The Net4 Connect Team

alex talor, ceo net4

Alex Taylor

Our CEO & founder, a passionate technologist, is the heart and soul of NET4. With over 25 years in the telecom and tech realms, Alex's unparalleled work ethic and vast knowledge stand as pillars of our brand's expertise and forward-thinking vision.
Dave Locke

Dave Locke

Dave is a revered figure in the tech world, boasting over 30 years of dedicated service. During his tenure with IBM, he has been instrumental in crafting the industry standards that many rely on today. His expertise, commitment, and insights have earned him immense respect and recognition among industry peers and professionals.
stephen margolis

Stephen Margolis

Stephen lends his seasoned expertise and thoughtful strategies to NET4. Serving not only as a sagacious advisor but also enriches the team with his sharp business acumen.

Khrystyna Kurylyuk

Head of Finance
Khrystyna oversees all aspects of the finances, ensuring all fiscal and reporting is on point.
Jim Newell

Jim Newell

Partner Sales
Jim is a luminary in the telecoms sector, backed by a wealth of experience and comprehensive knowledge. Widely respected and admired for his impeccable work ethic, Jim's network is vast — it often feels like he knows everyone in the telecoms world! His reputation and connections are invaluable assets to our team.

Strategic Vision, Partnerships & Proven Experience

Discover our forward-thinking strategy, valued partnerships, and the rich experience that underpins our success and pursuit of excellence.
Understanding the business needs, looking at where the return on investment is strongest, providing fast project delivery tools and centralised data management across device types under pins the Net4 core strategy values.
Looking beyond point solutions to centralising data management so businesses can utilise multiple sensor types across different communication technologies, but still benefit from a single view and management of devices is the vison Net4 is creating.
Net4 work with partners to add value to their existing offerings and provide new, innovative solutions that further compliment and bolster their product portfolios. Ensuring partners are aware of and can offer a breadth of solutions from the wide Internet of Things banner.
The Net4 team has over 100 years industry experience in communications, telecoms, machine to machine data acquisition and transfer. All our technologists are well versed on solution design and delivery from departmental to global deployments.
UK Registered Company: 11371379
115 Eastbourne Mews, London W2 6LQ

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