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Our look at smart glasses, mobile 5G solutions and the 5G industry in general.
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The Role of Smart Glasses in Enhancing Infection Control in Medical Ce...

Explore how smart glasses revolutionise infection control in medical centres and hospitals, offering advanced solutions for safer, more efficient healthcare practices.

Revolutionizing Fleet Connectivity: Cradlepoint’s LTE and 5G Wireles...

Explore how Cradlepoint’s LTE and 5G Wireless WAN solutions are transforming fleet management. Learn about robust connectivity, enhanced cybersecurity, and operational efficiency with Net4 Connect’s comprehensive guide.

Net4 Introduces the Ultimate Industry 4.0 Connected Worker Starter Kit...

Net4 introduces an innovative Industry 4.0 Connected Worker Starter Kit, empowering businesses to kickstart their digital transformation journey. This press release post unveils the kit’s features, benefits, and how it enhances workforce pro...

Augmented Reality: Transforming Logistics and Warehousing

Augmented reality (AR) is revolutionising the logistics and warehousing industry by enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and improving worker safety. This blog explores how AR technology is reshaping these sectors and the benefits it brings to b...

Seeing the Future: How AR Glasses Empower Field Workers with Enhanced ...

Discover how AR glasses are revolutionising field work. Explore the future of workplace efficiency and precision with advanced AR technology, offering new levels of productivity and accuracy for field workers.

Elevating Ambulance Services with Remote Expert Solutions using Vuzix ...

In the dynamic world of emergency medical services, time is a precious commodity, and having access to expert guidance promptly can be a game-changer in saving lives. By pairing Vuzix smart glasses with specialist remote expert software, emergency...

Vuzix Smart Glasses: Boosting ROI in Today’s Digital World

Learn how Vuzix Smart Glasses can drive significant ROI by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and elevating customer experiences

Connecting Pop-Up Shops With 5G Internet

Pop-Up shops are becoming increasingly common. Connectivity is required for them, but how best to enable fast, secure internet access?

Why use a MiFi hotspot instead of WiFi?

What is a MiFi hotspot? And why you should be using one for internet access instead of a traditional Wi-Fi connection.

What Is A Mobile Broadband Router?

Learn what a mobile broadband router is. What is can be used for and how it differs to traditional fixed-line broadband.

Using a MiFi Device as a Travel Companion

Should you consider a MiFi hotspot for mobile internet while travelling? Come along as we take one on a long distance rail journey.

Are VPNs bad for small businesses and their remote workers?

Are VPNs bad for small businesses and their remote workers? With the outburst of COVID-19, around 40 per cent of employees ended up working from home. The goto means for these remote workers to connect back to their business has been through Virtu...

What are the risks of using public WiFi networks?

What are the risks of using public WiFi networks? It is said that nothing in the world is free; there is always a cost. You might have gone to your nearest café to enjoy your latte, and you want to connect to the free WiFi for an uninterrupted wo...

What is a MiFi hotspot?

What is a MiFi hotspot? MiFi stands for mobile Wi-Fi, and it’s a portable router that is small and easy to carry. A MiFi device lets you create a Wi-Fi hotspot, which you can use to share an internet connection over multiple devices with you...

Does Starlink Eliminate The Need For 5G Mobile Broadband?

Does Starlink Eliminate The Need For 5G Mobile Broadband? In the fast-paced world of the Internet of Things, where the innovation of technology creates many new needs for us, it is vital to quickly adapt to new changes it brings as we progress. As...

Can 5G Replace A Fixed Broadband Line?

5G can provide much higher speeds than the typical broadband line. Coupled with growing coverage, it is now a viable replacement for fixed lines.

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