What Is A Mobile Broadband Router?

5 August 2022

What is a mobile broadband router?

A mobile broadband router provides internet access to WiFi-enabled devices like smartphones and computers. It is typically a fixed device, powered via mains electricity. It is, therefore, most suitable for home or office environments. It can be used on-the-go providing you have a mains socket to power the device. Rather than getting its internet feed through a phone line or a cable, a mobile broadband router creates an internet connection over the 4G or 5G networks.

Any device having a WiFi connection, such as a phone, a computer, or a tablet can be connected to the router. Multiple devices can connect to the internet simultaneously with the help of a mobile broadband device. It is an affordable and practical option for locations where high-speed internet is required but where traditional fixed-line broadband may not be viable or where traditional broadband cannot provide a fast-enough service. All that is required is a 4G or 5G data subscription, a mobile broadband router, and WiFi-enabled devices.

Why choose a mobile broadband router?

Traditional fixed-line broadband has maximum download speeds of around 30Mbits/second. Speeds will be much lower if you are more than a mile from the telecom providers’ exchange equipment. While fibre broadband is rolling out and offering much higher speeds, it is not available to all. It also comes with a premium price.

A mobile broadband router relies on the mobile network for its internet connection. No cables for data access are required. Providing the location you want to deploy the mobile broadband router has a good 4G and preferably a 5G data connection you are good to go.

As no fixed-line is required, getting started with a mobile broadband router is much simpler than a fixed-line connection. No cables need to be run to the premises, and a technician is not required to visit the site either.

Can A Mobile Broadband router be used for travelling?

Yes, providing you have a mains electricity supply and a 4G or 5G data connection where you are travelling, the mobile broadband router can be used for internet access while on the go. Alternatively, a MiFi hotspot can be considered, which is a battery-powered mobile broadband router.

Can fixed-line broadband and mobile broadband be used together?

While a fixed broadband connection and a mobile broadband router would not traditionally be used together, a mobile broadband router is often used as a backup internet connection. If your main internet connection goes down, perhaps construction workers have cut through the line, then internet service can be maintained through the mobile broadband backup connection.

What Internet speeds can be achieved with a mobile broadband router?

A 4G connection will provide download speeds comparable to a traditional fixed-line broadband connection.

A 5G connection will provide internet speeds much greater than traditional broadband, typically in the range of 3-500Mbits/second download. As 5G networks develop, speeds of more than 1Gbit/second may be achievable.

What is the difference between a mobile broadband router and a miFi hotspot?

Both devices provide a private WiFi network for your devices to connect to and an internet connection over the 4G or 5G networks. The mobile broadband router is typically mains powered, whereas the MiFi hotspot is battery powered.

An example of a mobile broadband router is the Inseego FX2000e, and an example of a MiFi hotspot is the Inseego M2000.

How do I set up a mobile broadband router?

Setting up a mobile broadband router is extremely easy:

  • Unbox the mobile broadband router
  • Insert the data SIM card
  • Power on the router
  • Connect your WiFi-enabled devices to the new WiFi network that has been created by the router

What are the advantages of a mobile broadband router?

  • No requirement for a fixed-broadband line. Lower setup costs due to not having to run new cables or upgrade existing telecoms infrastructure.
  • Faster internet access than traditional fixed-broadband connections, particularly with a 5G connection.
  • No requirement for a long-term contract. Pay-monthly data SIM cards can be used to prevent vendor lock-in.
  • Take your broadband with you. Create secure WiFi networks wherever you go.

Try mobile broadband for yourself

Net4Connect can supply you with the Inseego FX2000e 5G mobile broadband router, a business-grade router offering gigabit download speeds and WiFi 6 with the ability to connect up to 32 wireless devices. The FX2000e is available in a router-only package or as a subscription which includes unlimited 5G data.

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