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SimplyVideo. Elevate remote collaboration

Connect your teams with advanced video calls
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Net4 And SimplyVideo Partnership

Net4 and SimplyVideo

Net4 is delighted to partner with SimplyVideo, a pioneering collaboration platform designed specifically for XR wearables. This platform facilitates smooth communication across all devices within a network, ensuring connectivity even in remote, low-bandwidth areas.

Regardless of whether your team members are on the frontline, stationed at HQ, or constantly on the go, they can effortlessly join a call with just a click or a straightforward voice command. Additionally, by leveraging SimplyVideo's advanced XR features, organisations can expedite the problem-solving journey and realise significant cost savings.
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What Is SimplyVideo?

SimplyVideo stands as the world's inaugural Extended Reality collaboration platform capable of integrating with both Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. Their platform allows its users to enhance their remote collaborations, resulting in significant savings in terms of time, money, and carbon emissions.

The solutions offered by SimplyVideo can aid any organization. From facilitating low bandwidth calling for enhanced support in the remotest of locations to drastically cutting costs and time in design cycles by incorporating design and visualisation into their proprietary cloud video platform, or other third-party collaboration tools.

SimplyVideo Features


Simply Video Cloud Platform

Cloud video platform stands out as an ideal tool for those seeking an advanced yet user-friendly collaboration system. With Cloud, users can:

  • Engage in collaborations even in areas with low bandwidth, provided there's browser access

  • Experience superior remote support features

  • Mark or annotate participants during calls

  • Benefit from our advanced in-call tracking system, Chat 4.0

The advantages of using Cloud are:

  • Reduction in travel, costs, and resources tied to remote assistance

  • Efficient dissemination of knowledge

  • An enriched database for resolving issues

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Platform Features

  • Seamless native integration with your Microsoft Teams and Google Meet tenants

  • XR collaboration for 20+ participants

  • In-call audit trail

  • Wearable hosted meetings

  • Sketchfab integration

  • SaaS capability

  • Seamless native integration with your Microsoft Teams and Google Meet tenants

XR Enablement

  • Take photo

  • Activate help

  • Swap view

  • In-call annotation

  • Companion Cam

  • Session Transcripts and full-resolution imagery

  • XR QR code join

  • Multiple devices

  • Integration with video room hardware

  • Low bandwidth high-quality images

  • Full 1080P HD available

  • Supports: aR / AR / MR / VR

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SimplyVideo Medical Case Study

Discover how SimplyVideo’s Extended Reality (XR) technology revolutionised podiatry care in Provide Community. Read our case study on real-time consultations, improved patient outcomes, and increased staff efficiency.

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