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Australian omnichannel retailer leverages Cradlepoint 5G solution to connect stores and manage outages

Explore how Coles, a leading Australian retailer, overcame WAN outages and enhanced operations with Cradlepoint’s 5G solutions, as detailed in this case study.

coles supermarkets

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Coles Supermarkets check improved uptime and out-of-band management off their list


Coles is one of Australia’s leading retailers, with an extensive national supermarket and liquor store footprint. With Coles managing around 17 million transactions per week across its store and digital platforms, the retailer must continuously find ways to modernise and stabilise its operations.

WAN outages at Coles stores or automated distribution centres can have a devastating impact on the company’s ability to do business. As a result, Coles needed a failover solution to mitigate network downtime and supply chain stalls, keeping grocery shelves stocked and customers happy.


Coles leveraged Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and wireless routers and adapters to establish 5G failover connectivity for all stores and new distribution centres. In the event of losing wired WAN services, these solutions enable reliable, high-performance mobile broadband to run all store operations, including point-of-sale systems, stock control, and back-of-house activities.

This network architecture also facilitates out-of-band access to key store infrastructure, which delivers high-bandwidth links to mission-critical equipment when the primary network is down.


Cradlepoint’s 5G solutions enable Coles to take advantage of flexible, diverse connectivity options as
part of its broader technology-led transformation. Out-of-band management capabilities give these teams the ability to access, troubleshoot, and restore problematic routers over the air without having to deploy personnel to each site. Additionally, Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager gives their IT team the ability to build and manage networks and their complete lifecycles with true zero-touch deployment, robust security, and SD-WAN traffic management for optimal application performance and reliability.

Together, these solutions not only connect stores but also enhance customer experience and help Coles maintain a competitive edge while providing a reliable failover solution for retailers.

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