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Net4’s Transformative Connectivity Solutions for eCommerce Success

Net4 has successfully overhauled an eCommerce company’s network infrastructure, delivering stable internet, advanced security, and enhanced operational efficiency

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A leading eCommerce business, specialising in time-sensitive delivery, faced a critical challenge due to unreliable internet connectivity. This issue was detrimental to their business model, impacting customer satisfaction, staff efficiency, and key business objectives. Net4 was chosen for its advanced solutions, competitive pricing, and personalised support, outshining larger competitors through a competitive selection process. This whitepaper details how Net4, in collaboration with Cradlepoint, revolutionised the client’s network infrastructure.

Problem Overview

The client’s rapid growth was hindered by:

  • Unstable internet causing operational disruptions.
  • Diverse network setups across sites without centralised control.
  • Heavy dependency on the internet for all business functions.

Why Net4 Stood Out

Net4 was selected for its:

  • Advanced Connectivity Solutions: Tailored to meet the specific needs of the ecommerce sector.
  • Competitive Pricing: Offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  • Personalised Support: Ensuring dedicated assistance and expertise.
  • Decades of Industry Experience: Demonstrating a deep understanding of network challenges and solutions.

Net4’s Comprehensive Solution

  1. Dual Connectivity Wireless Routers: Installed by Net4 and Cradlepoint to guarantee uninterrupted internet access.
  2. Centralised Network Management: Allowing for a holistic view of connectivity and traffic across all sites.
  3. Proactive Alert Systems: Ensuring immediate awareness and response to network issues.
  4. Full-Service Network Management: Including support, ticketing, and troubleshooting.
  5. Diverse Connectivity Options: Reducing the risk of network failures.
  6. Advanced Security Protocols: With real-time monitoring for enhanced safety.
  7. Future-Ready Infrastructure: Preparing for next-gen technologies like gigabit fibre and 5G.

Implementation Process

  1. Pilot Implementation: Initially tested at a single site to confirm solution efficacy.
  2. Nationwide Deployment: Seamless integration across approximately 50 UK sites.
  3. System Integration: Merging existing security and computing systems into the new network.

Impact and Benefits

  • Reliable Internet Service: Significantly fewer outages, ensuring smooth business operations.
  • Enhanced Monitoring: Ongoing surveillance with backup connectivity.
  • Robust Security Measures: Comprehensive policies safeguarding the network.
  • Business Efficiency: Improved performance due to stable and secure connectivity.


Net4, leveraging Cradlepoint’s technology, provided a custom solution that not only addressed the immediate connectivity issues but also positioned the eCommerce business for future growth and technological evolution. The choice of Net4 was pivotal in transforming the client’s network infrastructure, leading to enhanced operational efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction.

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