Residential Home Broadband Replacement

Ineffective wired broadband replaced with a FGW2000 delivering fast and reliable wireless connectivity


The homeowners Incumbent broadband service provider was delivering less than half of the contracted speed.  There was also a high attenuation of the Wifi signal throughout the house and this was leading to a poor performance when several devices were simultaneously connected.  A booster had to be deployed in order to allow the Wifi to be used in the conservatory and garden at the rear of the property.  The service was also intermittently failing on a daily basis.


Net4 provided the Inseego FGW2000 wireless broadband router with a Gamma, all you can eat, data SIM provided over the Three UK radio network. 

The device was straight forward to install and the mobile application was extremely easy to use and helped greatly in finding the best location for the router to be placed in order to receive the best possible network coverage. 

Whilst the area the homeowner lives in is not yet within the 5G coverage area of the Three UK network the device was able to receive a good LTE 4G service.  This provided a steady and reliable connection and download speeds of around 30 MB per second with upload speeds of 20MB per second.  The Wifi signal was available throughout the property and in the rear garden.