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SimplyVideo Medical Case Study

Discover how SimplyVideo’s Extended Reality (XR) technology revolutionised podiatry care in Provide Community. Read our case study on real-time consultations, improved patient outcomes, and increased staff efficiency.

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Table Of Contents

Transforming Podiatry with XR Technology: SimplyVideo Medical Case Study

The Project

The initial pilot emerged from a request from the District Nursing team at Provide Community and it quickly emerged that there was a clear need for the technology within the podiatry team.

Due to challenges in recruiting experienced Podiatrists, this meant that newly-graduated or deployed podiatrists would be faced with working in a high-risk environment and would need close supervision from more senior podiatrists to provide detailed observation.

The requirement was born out of the need for real-time assessment and consultation to prevent care delays and improve patient outcomes, which weekly team meetings through Microsoft Teams did not fulfil as they could not incorporate real-time assessment.

The Solution

Connected Worker deployment with SimplyVideo and Assisted Reality wearable technology.

Provide Community deployed a Connected Worker solution on the SimplyVideo platform, engaging their Assisted Reality wearable devices to provide their community staff and junior podiatrists with on-demand, real-time access to senior podiatrists. The successfully piloted solution was tasked with reducing the cancellation of clinics or unsupported clinics, improving patient outcomes and patient and staff satisfaction within podiatry.


The success of this initiative was measured through reduced clinic cancellations, improved patient outcomes, and heightened satisfaction among patients and staff. Notably, there was a significant decrease in appointment cancellations, an increase in the number of care plans altered positively due to this technology, and a marked improvement in both patient and staff satisfaction levels.

Read the full case study for more information…

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