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Process Eye, Licenses

Process Eye, Licenses

Step-by-step task guidance with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Process eye is the easiest way to transform inspection and maintenance manuals into step-by-step task guides executable on mobiles and smart glasses.

  • Device licenses can be used on glasses, phones and tablets
  • Phone licenses can be used on phones and tablets only
  • 2:10 Multipack, 2 Expert licenses + 10 Device licenses (any device)
  • 3:30 Multipack, 3 Expert licenses + 30 Device licenses (any device)
  • All licenses are a 1 year subscription

Check out the Process Eye Starter Pack

£320.00 ex. VAT / year
£320.00 ex. VAT / year
£190.00 ex. VAT / year
£2,600.00 ex. VAT / year
£6,100.00 ex. VAT / year
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