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Simplify your Inspections and Audits

In the business world, regular inspections and audits can often be cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming—especially when they require travel, specialised personnel, and meticulous documentation.

Experience a new era of efficiency in inspections and audits with our smart glasses—an innovative solution that transforms complex tasks into user-friendly, time-saving endeavours.
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Inspection & Audits Solution

Efficiency Through Smart Glasses

Our smart glasses offer a solution to streamline these inspection and audit processes, significantly reducing costs and saving time.

Repetitive inspections and audits are seamlessly integrated into pre-loaded process guides, making it effortless for any team member to carry them out. These guides provide clear steps and facilitate the recording of essential information

Key Benefits:
  • Efficient inspections: Simplifies, speeds up, and cuts costs.
  • Standardized processes: Enables accessible inspections for all staff.
  • Hands-free efficiency: Streamlines workflow with hands-free operation.
  • Remote guidance: Provides real-time assistance for accuracy.
  • Comprehensive records: Comprehensive records
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Hands-Free Convenience

With the added convenience of voice control and a heads-up display, users can perform tasks hands-free, effortlessly capturing vital information without disrupting their workflow.

Real-Time Support and Verification

But here's where our technology truly shines: By enabling teleconferencing with third-party experts, we empower users to seek real-time assistance and verification. Remote parties can see exactly what the user sees, ensuring every inspection is done correctly the first time.
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Comprehensive Record-Keeping

As meticulous record-keeping is often a vital component of any inspection or audit, our system allows for the comprehensive recording of the entire process. Furthermore, our platform seamlessly integrates with existing ERP systems, automating report generation.

Enhanced Reporting and Analysis

Our intuitive drag-and-drop inspection flow builder simplifies the process further, while enabling the capture of videos, photos, and voice notes for in-depth reporting and analysis.
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Smart Glasses ROI Calculator

See how much you can save with our Smart Glasses ROI Calculator

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