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Reconnect your remote workers

Secure and managed enterprise internet for your remote & home workers.

The change in working practices means businesses need a better approach to keeping their employees online. Expecting consumer grade broadband and routers to keep your key business assets online is no longer an option!
Remote Worker Solutions

Remote Workers Solution

Fast, Managed, Home Connectivity

The change in working practices means a change in where employees work. Net4 ensures this doesn’t mean these employees are cut adrift and left to deal with the frustration of poor internet.

Net4Connect has paired a high quality 5G router with unlimited data that allows employers to provider home workers with an easy to deploy router that provides IT with a manageable network that provides a real time view of all routers, their status, connected devices and realtime alarms to alert for potential issues.

Allow home workers to do their job whilst returning control and support to the IT department.
  • Working from home employees
  • Poor & unreliable broadband
  • Enable remote support
  • No 'benefit in kind' implications
Remote Worker Solutions


Manage all remote workers and their networks under a single portal with remote management, profiling and automated alerts by user or group. Supporting those working from home has never been more important, so providing IT support to these employees is critical to keeping them online.


State of the art hardware combined with the latest network capability means reliable connectivity. The latest WiFi6 technology also provides the best possible connection for multiple devices. Providing a standalone business grade network in the employees house ensures business connectivity is separated from home use and business grade connectivity ensures speeds remain, even when school's out!
wireless router
IT Security


Built for security from the ground up. Our solution makes it easy to secure remote networks, ensuring every device is recognised and standardising the infrastructure used by all employees. Providing a standalone network with full remote management means you can control which devices can connect to your network. Knowing what devices are on your network and profiling traffic are an important piece of keeping your business & your data secure.


With automated configuration and no third-party installations required, users can be up and running in minutes. Dashboards, reports and configurable views mean it’s easy to monitor and maintain a disparate network.
Home working
SoHo Connect Solution Pack

SOHO Connect Solution Pack


  • Inseego Wavemaker™ PRO 5G Indoor Router – FX2000e

  • 1yr mobile unlimited 5G data service

  • Inseego Connect Software – Advanced 12 month Subscription

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