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Elevate Your Business with Smart Glasses Integrated into Teams

Easily integrate Smart Glasses with Microsoft Teams for enhanced remote support. Net4 ensures a smooth transition into this advanced tech, syncing seamlessly with your familiar Teams setup. Your field teams get instant, efficient office support, boosting operational and communication effectiveness without the learning curve.
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Smart Glasses for Microsoft Teams

Solution Summary

  • Straightforward Integration: Seamlessly integrate Smart Glasses with your existing Teams setup for a revolutionary boost in remote support capabilities.
  • No-Fuss Solution: A hassle-free approach for businesses to adopt advanced communication technology.
  • Hassle-Free Transition: Enjoy the benefits of Smart Glasses without the need to learn new software.
  • Empowered Field Teams: Equip your field workers with Smart Glasses linked to their Teams accounts for immediate, real-time support.
  • Instant Expertise Access: Field teams can instantly connect with office-based experts, ensuring effective problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Enhanced Business Operations: This integration is more than just staying connected; it's about upgrading your business communication and operational efficiency.
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Smart glasses & Microsoft Teams

Integrating Smart Glasses with your existing Microsoft Teams setup is a straightforward way to revolutionise your organisation's remote support capabilities. It's the smart, no-fuss solution for businesses ready to embrace the next level of communication technology.

At Net4, we understand that adopting new tech can be daunting. That's why we've streamlined the process, integrating Smart Glasses seamlessly with the Teams environment you're already comfortable with. This approach ensures a hassle-free transition, allowing you to leverage the benefits of Smart Glasses without the learning curve associated with new software.

Imagine the possibilities…..

Imagine the possibilities: your field teams equipped with Smart Glasses, directly connected to their Microsoft Teams accounts. This integration enables instant, real-time access to support and expertise from the office, empowering your field workers to tackle challenges efficiently and effectively. It's not just about staying connected; it's about enhancing the way your business operates and communicates.
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How does it work?

Net4 handles the one time integration and set up process for you, any Teams user can now join a Teams meeting using smart glasses .

A user joining a meeting with the glasses gets a head up display of everyone else in the meeting. This allows screen sharing including documents and images for the glasses wearer. The perfect way of sharing information with users in the field.

Other meeting participants are shown the forward facing camera from the glasses. This enables the wearer to share what they are seeing with the other participants. Ideal for getting assistance or collaborating with staff who aren’t on site, saving unnecessary journeys and wasted time.

For a no obligation free demo, please get in touch with us.

Smart Glasses ROI Calculator

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