Net4Connect delivers high speed mobile broadband and mobile connectivity solutions

By combining the latest 5G hardware, advanced remote management & security tools, the UK’s leading 5G network and advanced traffic routing, Net4Connect provides you with the ultimate mobile connectivity tool kit

Net4Connect 5G Unlimited Data SIM

Unlimited Data SIM

Consume as much 4G, LTE or 5G data as you want on the Net4Connect Unlimitted Data SIM plan.  Our SIM uses the Three network, which has the largest 5G coverage of all UK networks. No credit checks or complex agreements, just order your SIM and pay for a month or for a year.
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Net4Connect Mobile Connectivity Solutions

Benefits Of Our Mobile Connectivity Solutions

Covering a wide range of uses, examples of how you can put our solutions to work.
Home working

Home Worker

An instant private network for home workers. Safe, secure & reliable.
Industrial Connectivity

Industrial Premises

Stable and robust connectivity with hardware that is designed for harsh environments. Keep you critical assets online.
5g router
Connectivity Failover
Downtime costs money. When installed alongside your current internet connection, a 5G router is ready to step in when problems occur.
Mobile workforce

Mobile Workforce

Provide your mobile workers with secure & fast internet whilst they are in the field.
IT Security

IT Security

Our range of 5G devices all deliver the same, enterprise grade security. Take back control of your IT network & remote end points.


Who is responsible when a data breach occurs? Minimising the chance of a breach of cyber attack is the vital. Know and control what devices can access your network.
Broadband replacement
Broadband Replacement
Not everyone gets fast reliable fibre broadband. If your connection is slow, unreliable or completely unavailable then our broadband replacement solution is the perfect solution for you.
Remote Industrial Connectivity

Remote Industrial Connectivity

Connecting remote IT and IoT assets is important, keeping them connecting and monitoring that connectivity is even more important. We provide the tools to keep these assets online.
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20 January 2022

Purchased a 5G router for homeworking

Purchased a 5G router for homeworking. Despite not having 5G coverage in my area they were confident that the device would perform well over LTE which it has. Had a couple of minor niggles but they were rectified quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.

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