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Net4 Connect

Industry-leading solutions for smart glasses, augmented reality and 5G connectivity
smart glasses with a remote expert

Smart Glasses Solutions

Remote Expert

Experts can remotely connect to the wearer by video; seeing what the wearer sees to provide real time guidance and support

Experts can provide support by pointing or highlighting key areas in view, annotate images or display manuals
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Guided Workflow

Easily adapted workflows are displayed to the wearer for accurate task completion.

Ensure tasks are completed correctly every time and automatically record completion for compliance & reporting.
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Inspection & Audits

Automate inspection processes, including recording key information. Increasing the audit process

Record voice notes, videos or images and instantly embed them into reports or save them for compliance.
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Training & Apprentices

Provide instant support to trainees without interferring with the task at hand.

No need to ‘shadow’ staff as support and quality checks are available onboard and recorded automatically.

Trainers can join in real time for certification, tests & compliance.
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Smart Glasses for Microsoft Teams

Easily integrate Smart Glasses with Microsoft Teams for enhanced remote support. Net4 ensures a smooth transition into this advanced tech, syncing seamlessly with your familiar Teams setup. Your field teams get instant, efficient office support, boosting operational and communication effectiveness without the learning curve.
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5G Connectivity Solutions

Industrial Connectivity

Our range of advanced industrial routers combined with robust cellular connectivity ensure your assets remain connected anywhere & everywhere
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Enterprise Connectivity

Take advantage of the latest 5G routers to boost your office connectivity. With fast and easy setup we provide broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps.
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Remote Workers

Secure and managed enterprise internet for your remote & home workers.

The change in working practices means businesses need a better approach to keeping their employees online. Expecting consumer grade broadband and routers to keep your key business assets online is no longer an option!
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Building Connectivity

Our 5G modem provides an ideal replacement or failover for existing circuits or broadband lines.
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Mobile Workers

High speed 5G internet in a pocket sized, battery powered package. Our 5G MiFi device provides your mobile workforce with ultrafast WiFi6 internet access on the move.
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